150619_10151349096319604_1127418854_nDid you see what I did with the title there? Oh I’m just funny.

Anyhoo, all this Tesco burger being 29% horse and the public reaction which seems to be bordering on the hysterical, or hilarious if you’re reading the jokes on Sickipedia, seems to be missing the point.

Why is it so offal, damn it, I mean awful to contemplate eating horse meat?

The funniest reaction I saw I believe was on the local news, and some one stated, and I’m more or less quoting it right, “eating horse would be like eating dogs, and dogs have personality.”

Hmm ok, logical fail there but I’m seeing the point your badly making. Pigs have personality, that doesn’t stop people eating them. Cows, pigs, sheep, kangaroos, puffins, actually virtually anything that moves we eat them no problem, but watching the Grand National and getting the munchies is a no-no.

I’ve got no answer, I’m just curious about it that’s all.

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