I admit I despise stupid people, but it takes something really, REALLY special to shock me into being stuck for words.

I found this in the letters section my favourite local rag newspaper, the Express and Echo.

It’s the middle of May, the month the Hadron Collider in Switzerland was due to be switched on.

For those who are unaware this is the experiment in which the conditions at the start of the universe are to be replicated in a large tube under a mountain.As I understand it, our universe began when a lump of matter the size of a garden pea exploded, creating galaxies, stars, planets and us. It hasn’t stopped expanding yet. It is therefore very volatile stuff.

In the last week or so we have had a major cyclone and a massive earthquake.

Coincidence? I hope so.

Is there worse to come?

G R Holwill
Stoke Hill Crescent

I have nothing but admiration for anyone who can go through life, and display that level of stupidity.

By mh

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