I love surveys. I never get bored of the ridiculous questions people are asked, so when one asking what most annoys women came up I knew I was in for a treat.

I thought things like sitting on the sofa and scratch our bollocks would come pretty high, but can’t see it.

What did surprise me was the number one grievance that 54% of the fairer, rather easily upset sex had. I bet you can’t guess.

Yes out of everything us men do that can possibly annoy your pretty little heads , the winner is … *drum roll* … leaving the toilet seat up. Well you could knock me down with a feather. Girls, girls. just how much fucking effort is it for you to put your hand out and pull the seat back down? If that kind of petty shit is the worst in your life with your partner, then you’ve led a very sheltered life.

What really go me about this article is that there is a device that you can buy called the Lav Nav. For just £20 (batteries not included), the piss wars can be over. *facepalm* I despair sometimes.

It didn’t get better with the rest of the list, which included

  • Wet towels on the bed. I’m no scientist but WATER DRIES! Get over it
  • Leaving dirty laundry left on the floor is annoying I have to admit, but you know what I do when I see the wife’s lying on the floor. I pick it up and put it in the laundry basket. No upset, no domestics, and carry on with my day.
  • Snoring is annoying and I’m told I do this, but strangely enough it’s like getting a woman to admit they masterbate, they never do it themselves.
  • Not replacing toilet roll is easily solved in a few seconds by getting one yourself. Problem solved again.
  • Leaving toenail clippings and loose change around the home. Not sure why these two are lumped together.
  • Drinking straight from the milk bottle. I do this, don’t see the harm considering other bodily fluids we are exposed to in our relationship. I’ll remember to use this excuse when begged for oral sex.
  • Refusing to ask for directions when lost, as opposed to driving aimlessly around because you’re scared you’ll look stupid.

I think I can feel a Twitter survey coming on about what really gets on our tits about women 🙂

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