Irving’s updated the index page with yet another sob story. It all sounds so great, but then read it again and you can see why he is loathed by so many.

“Mr Irving remains incarcerated [sure that was his fault for entering a country he was banned from entering] in a Viennese prison pending trial on February 20 for “offences” of a kind unknown in English law or truly democratic societies. [Once again Irving fails to mention what that law actually means, not what he thinks it means. It’s NOT a question of free speech.]”

“To date, Mr Irving – never idle ever diligent no matter adversity [and modest] – has hand-written 600 pages of memoirs, “Irving’s War” [Pompous twat. More aligning himself with his idol]. He has received “156 letters [wow! that many?] from anonymous [there’s a surprise] Austrians and Germans who are thinking what they are denied the freedom of speech to say” [rubbish, once again it’s NOT a question of free speech]. What kind of truth is so weak that it must imprison reasoning sceptics who dare to question it? [“reasoning” doesn’t apply to you Irving]”

“Professor Deborah Lipstadt the self-described “dragon-slayer” (though she refused to face the dragon/witness stand in 2000 in London’s High Court [bollocks! Professor Lipstadt was not needed to prove Irving was a liar, that was the historians job and a thorough job they did of it as well]) pleads: “Let him go and let him fade from everyone’s radar screens”.”

We live in hope, though rotting in an Austrian jail sounds just as good an alternative.

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