I’’ve always enjoyed writing. I’ve got dozens of unfinished short stories going back nearly two decades.

During my therapy, my shrink suggested that I find and outlet for my frustration and anger instead of bottling it up and letting it fuck up my life.

Ok I thought, I’ll give it ago so that’s when I started blogging, then I was conned, well that’s how I see it anyway, onto Facebook. Even now I fucking hate that web site. I don’t document my life and I’m as anti-social as they come so why the hell am I on Facebook?!

So once I got bored of that shite, I moved on to Twitter. After a few months of irritation at the pointlessness of it all, I left it. Then I rejoined. Then I left again, mainly because it just seemed I dealt with fundie fuckwitts and atheism 24/7 on there.

I’m now on account number three, with a fresh determination to keep out of #atheism/#atheist and refusing to be drawn into other people’s battles.

And after two days, I’m bored shitless of it all again.

I’ve either turned into what you’d a boring cunt, or hurtling towards 40 has turned me into just giving a shit about anything or anyone.

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