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The dangers of listening to The Living Dinosaur in work

I’ve ripped The Living Dinosaur‘s Holy Hallucinations series to MP3 so I can listen to them while working.

It’s just because he rips a new arsehole for everyone he crosses, he makes me chuckle away to myself.

However, listening to Holy Hallucinations 17 in work, I got to this point and laughed out loud in the office. He’s replying to some prick about how great the human species is, and then lists superior aspects of other species.

And this is the bit that made me laugh.

It just so happened that I started laughing just as a developer turned around, so I’ve made him a little paranoid 🙂


Blame it on a bizarre alignment of the planets, or Nibiru, or just plain boredom, but on December 30th 2014 Fundamentally Flawed reunited for a one-off* podcast special.

With Alex, Kat, my good self, Peter and later on a pissed up Jim, we discuss some of the events of 2014 (thanks to Wikipedia’s exhaustive list of events and deaths)

WARNING! This contains video of me and my comedy accent.

* probably not.

Part ten in a series taking a wry look at geocentrism and how it stacks up against reality. In this part we work through fixing problems with Tycho Brahe’s version of geocentrism, arriving at a Universe with a glaring problem, and ask whether anyone could be stupid enough to posit such a Universe as a geocentric one.

Guidance: Contains some mild language within a comedy context.

Thanks to Mahrai ZIller for the helix animation in this video. If you’d like to see flat Earthers and other 21st Century F**kwits being thoroughly shown up, check out his channel here:

Part nine in a series taking a wry look at geocentrism and how it stacks up against reality. This part continues examining the Sky Fairy Conjecture, and finds out what lumps of rock and metal have to say about that and geocentrism.

Guidance: Contains some mild language within a comedy context.

Spirit Science gets candid and guides us through some of the key failures of intellectual integrity in his last video, before showing how sacred geometry can be used to say anything. Find out how your Mind’s Arse connects to your chakra as exciting new discoveries from the Hippy Thoughtspace are revealed, and never look at woo in the same way again!

Spirit “science” video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWPi4dbLdnw

Part eight in a series taking a wry look at geocentrism and how it stacks up against reality. This part continues looking at light in the form of the CMB, before considering the formation of other worlds in the Universe. What can these tell us about geocentrism and the Sky Fairy Conjecture?

Guidance: Contains some mild language within a comedy context.

Part seven in a series taking a wry look at geocentrism and how it stacks up against reality. This part takes a look at light, which as we all know was deemed “good” by 8 out of 10 sky fairies. What then does this good light tell us about the stars, and Earth’s place in the Universe?

Guidance: Contains some mild language within a comedy context.

Homeopathy defies fundamental physics, chemistry and biology. In this video we’ll see how much evidence the Society of Homeopaths was able to bring to bear when a complaint was made to the Advertising Standards Authority, and we’ll look at some of the papers they didn’t present to the ASA.

The ASA’s ruling:

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Homeopathy defies fundamental physics, chemistry and biology. What does it take to become a homeopath? No training is needed at all, but in this video we compare what seems to be the last BSc Homeopathy course in Britain with a BSc in medicine. The claim that the Swiss Government has endorsed homeopathy is also examined.


The Centre for Homeopathic Education:

Imperial College London’s medicine course:

The Contemporary College of Homeopathy:

Society of Homeopaths article of 10 April 2012:

Natural News’ version of Ullman’s article:

HometopathyPlus’ version repeating claim of “government report”:

The Huffington Post original:

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The PEK, and Shang et al’s paper:

Sven Rudloff’s translation and analysis of the PEK:

The Quackometer’s “The Swizz Report on Homeopathy”:

The House of Commons Evidence Check 2: Homeopathy:

Other resources for the interested:




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