I was looking forward to this programme. I love animals (apart from cats!), and so I thought this would be an insightful view into living with animals with special needs, as the program title suggested.

First there was a bunny who has no control of his backend, then a wanking parrot who’s formed a sexual bond with its owner. Then there was the parrot on Prozac.

And it was at this point that I started to laugh.

The start of the show – the wobbly dog with a balance control problem. I managed to stifle the laugh up to up to the point the wheels were fitted and running around the garden, but when they took the wheels off and interviewed the owner who had to rescue her dog who was lying on its back, legs in the air, in a flower bed and couldn’t get up?

No I couldn’t stop laughing, the wife told me to get out of the living room and so I had to try and drink my cup of tea in the kitchen but couldn’t from laughing so much. So here I am upstairs, writing this 🙂

I’ll have to try and watch the rest of the program tomorrow now. I still can’t stop laughing, and getting a headache now hahahahahaha

By mh

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