It was during the usual baiting of Joe Cienkowski that he first mentioned “real science.” My heart sank at that point because I know exactly what people who put the word “real” in front of things mean.

Apart from being a science buff, I’m also a great lover of history, late Victorian, Tudor, middle ages, Egyptian, pretty much anything really. But the Second World War really interests me, and the final solution especially. From Nuremberg Laws to isolation in Nazi Germany society to Ghettos to extermination to the forced marches.

So when Joey said “real” in front of science, I automatically think of David Irving, the lying, distorting, manipulating, racist, anti-Semitic “historian” who practices “real history.”

The similarities in distortion, lies, frauds and pick and mix attitude to evidence is uncanny.

David Irving punts a know forgery of the Dresden bombing after being told it’s a fake.
Joe Cienkowski similiarly believes the Paluxy footprints after being told it’s a fake.

David Irving deigrates professional historians as frauds and liars.
Joe Cienkowski does the same to scientists.

David Irving twists the German language, using mechanical German dictionaries.
Joe Cienkowski twists definitions to suit his needs.

David Irving dismisses mountains of evidence for the holocaust because it doesn’t fit his racist agenda.
Joe Cienkowski dismisses mountains of evidence for evolution, abiogenesis, in fact anything to do with science because it doesn’t fit his dogmatic view of the world.

I could go on, and I probably will in the future.

The moral of this post is NEVER trust ANYONE who puts REAL in front of something. They’ll be bullshitting about something, somewhere.

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