No Peachy, you don’t understand it. Despite the many years of people patiently trying to explain it to you, you STILL haven’t got a fucking clue. There is no excuse for your level of stupidity. I know you don’t like being called stupid, but I use that word not as an insult but because, unlike you, I can backup my statements with facts. And I’ll do it using your own words.

Grand Reality, page 1

“common ancestry, and abiogenesis are all part of the theory of evolution” No they’re not.

Page 5,

“But, instead of giving God the glory, it is given to ‘time and chance’ or nature.” Time and chance are nothing to do with evolution. Show where it says that.

Page 6,

“this will also prove clearly, convincingly and compellingly that humans and apes have no common ancestors” Nope. Read up on DNA some time.

Page 7,

“Since you believe something we never see, evolution, you must also believe in abiogenesis, something we never see” Nope, and and and just for starters.

Page 7-8

“Do you know the unbelievable changes that would’ve had to have happened without guidance? The would’ve had to have evolved, as well as the heart, lungs, blood, bones, male and female distinctions, systems of the body, simultaneously.” Just… wow!

Page 8,

“Atheists like to say …abiogenesis and evolution are two different things. You can’t compare them”. I don’t believe this is the case since;” What you believe is irrelevant. Abiogenesis is how life started, evolutionary biology is how life evolved.

And now I’ve lost the will to live reading your book, but it’s just simple examples of why you don’t know what evolution is at the most basic level, and even worse, you have no idea what the scientific method is that has shown evolution to be a fact.

  1. You propose an explanation for an observed phenomenon (a hypothesis).
  2. You formulate a method to test said hypothesis.
  3. You run said tests.
  4. You publish the results and the method used to test so that the results can be verified.
  5. Such verification occurs. If it stands it gains credence in the scientific community. if it doesn’t, the hypothesis is rejected.

So again, I call you stupid not because I want to insult you, but because it’s a fact, as much as evolution is a fact.

By mh

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