I often get nostalgic in work, and every now and again I fire up ModPlug Player and listen to some kick ass Amiga tunes (Wasteland at the moment since you asked, been listening to it now for over 2 hours). I picture the demo in my head as I’m working and while I do that, I also look at the piece of crap PHP script I’m working on and just wonder “where the fuck did I go wrong?”

I used to be a programmer!

No, scrap that.

I used to be a coder!

A hard core 68000 assembler, not this pissy C++ or C# shite for me. Object orientated programming? Pah, that’s for pussies.

There was a time when I genuinely cared for the junk I write, not anymore. Instead of “it’s working, let’s make it faster” it’s more “ah fuck it, that’ll do.”

The art and skill of programming has been lost. It’s the hardware that’s driving it all now, and god help the programmer if the gamer idiots don’t get their DirectX 20, 60fps with AA!

This to me is sacrilege and I die a little inside every time our server gets updated to handle the load when 99% is down to the software being inefficient. Then again, in a SMB there isn’t the time to piss around making everything perfect.

I guess I’ll just have to live with it.