2012 has started in a positive way for me, I know it’s only five days in but I’ve noticed it so shush.

I can’t say I’m sorry to see the back of 2011, it’s been the same shit every year for a long time now. Happy, miserable, happy, miserable, repeat every fucking week until New Year’s Eve.

So to kill my boredom, I read a book my brother got me for my 40th in August called F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way and to be fair, it made a big impact on me personally.

Someone doesn’t answer my emails as quick as I’d like? Fuck it.

Someone doesn’t answer a tweet? Fuck it.

The borderline paranoid feeling that the delay was because I thought I upset that person has gone. I have the confidence to not give a fuck. Why should my mental state suffer for someone else? Fuck it.

So on Christmas Eve I started to clear out Twitter and Facebook, but it was Google+ I hit hard and fast. Instead of trying to work out who to keep out of 400+ people… just closed the whole thing instead.

I removed 93 from Twitter, would have been more but I didn’t know what to do with a couple of them so I left it at that. Returning a couple days in the new year before removing them and another 20.

Facebook wasn’t much of a challenge, 20 removed but then I only had 62 “friends” on there anyway.


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