This is turning into a really shit day, news wise anyway, and most of it seems to revolve around that man hating, feminist bitch, Harriet Harman.

We all know Gordon Brown is in the shit, but the news that the HH is even contemplating running as leader of the Labour party feels me with a sense of dread IF she wins!

In case you’ve missed it, I fucking hate the woman with a passion. She’s managed to crowbar her radical form of feminist bullshit into every fucking law this government has passed since becoming the deputy leader.

She sucks as deputy leader, she sucks as Minister of Equality, as long as it’s not male equality, she’s more embarrassing than John Prescott, as annoying as, er, well John Prescott again, but somehow, through every calamity she has caused, she thinks she’s fit enough to be a leader?

I somehow think Thatcher’s incompetence will be surpassed.

But anyway, it’s all hypothetical at this stage, just making my opinion clear early.