delta_followme_thumb[1]The next victim of my near legendary shit interview technique is a member of the team behind the most famous megademo. He released a couple more demos and the RSI Demomaker before disappearing.

Mark: Hi Delta, Can you introduce yourself

Delta: Hi! There was a time when there where more people knowing me as Delta than as Florian, which is my real name. Today I’m living in Bremen (Germany) and am luckily married with my wife Kristina. I’m 25 years old 😎 and enjoying life (even without doing demos, can you believe it?).

Mark: What do you do now?

Delta: I’m working for a non-profit research institute in the area of medical image processing.

Mark: How did you get into the scene?

Delta: I started with a VIC20 hacking BASIC. Later on, I knew some local people in the C64 scene, we joined a group called EXACT in that days. When some friends and I started programming the Amiga, we did some EXACT demos and then got to know Gandalf (Red Sector). Through him, we got to know IRATA, the master-mind of Red Sector and joined them as TCC Design, which was a group of people in my town.

Mark: What do you like doing in your spare-time when not computing?

Delta: My favourite hobby is juggling, mainly diabolo. I like doing sport, especially roller blading and bicycle. I like cooking all kind of stuff and meeting with friends to chat and play games. Our current project is our 400m2 garden, where we are going to plant vegetables.

delta_megademo_thumb[1]Mark: Ok it’s been 14 years since the RSI Megademo. How does it feel to be associated with some thing that has passed into legend?

Delta: I guess it is a bit like being a star and realizing that it is not important being a star, because it doesn’t help you much in real life
I had a time when I didn’t like to be “Delta”, especially when I realized that many of the scene people where only interested in what you code and not who you are as a person. I think I spent too much time in front of the screen in those days. Today it’s funny to have that background, and I like to show my old demos to friends sometimes (on an Amiga emulator, UAE rules!).
And last but not least, I got to know a lot of nice people all over the globe and that is great!

delta_cebit90_thumb[1]Mark: Ok so the Cebit 90 demo was released, and the next we heard from you was the RSI Demomaker. What happened after that?

Delta: I studied Computer Science and stopped doing demos. I had a short adventure into the Sega MegaDrive, where I wrote a small game.

Mark: When I saw the RSI Megademo I wanted to learn how to do that! So it’s your fault I spent late nights getting annoyed with Devpac and later AsmOne. Do you feel guilty? 🙂

Delta: Yes 8)

Mark: Good man 🙂 Do you follow the retro Amiga Scene at all?

Delta: No, I just visited some websites, like

Mark: Ever felt tempted to release another Amiga production?

Delta: No, never. Today I would go for OpenGL…

Mark: Are there moments when you feel nostalgic thinking back to the past years of the scene?

Delta: Not really. It was a good time, but time moves on.

Mark: Are you still in contact with ex-sceners?

Delta: Yes, I have some good friends in Spreadpoint.

Mark: Could you tell us some of your all times favourite demos/coders/musicians/etc?

Delta: Demos: I can’t remember the names, but the stuff from Slayer was cool. There where many demos which I really liked!
Coders: Promax and Slayer
Musicians: Romeo Knight and BitArts

Mark: Thanks for the interview my friend, and last message to people?

Delta: Peace on earth and enjoy your life!