Sunday night, Joe Cienkowski uploaded a video to YouTube to promote ‘Grand Reality’, the atheism killing magnum opus he’s been promising for months.

I’ll admit my expectations weren’t high when @robineccles posted the link, and after 14 minutes of listening to the biggest pile of shite I’ve ever heard.

I truly do not know where to start, even three days after. I’ll skip the childish drawings, the comparison of himself to Jesus and the the “atheist express” crap.

This theory of the population starting with eight people, Noah’s family, isn’t new. Henry Morris first published it as a “theory” in 1974 and it goes without saying that Kent Hovind also picked it up as an argument, which will explain why Joe is parroting now. What Joe doesn’t know, or doesn’t want to know, is that the “theory” was trashed in 1984, and you can see that on

Theory refuted Joe.

What he seems so unable to grasp is why the population has rocketed since the 1804 figure of one billion. Well let’s start off with Joe posting a link to that ever “reliable source” called Yahoo Answers, which in turn linked to a Wikipedia article.

Interesting, in two paragraphs it gives the reasons for the population changes but once again, his comphrension skills suck and he hasn’t read it.

Once again, it’s not hard to prove Joe Cienkowski wrong. another few seconds of Google searching to shattered his piss poor excuse for a theory.

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