Last night Joe Cienkowski blocked me. Again.But friends, let’s not be unhappy at such an incident.

I’m actually quite glad the fucking idiot has blocked me, it means I don’t have to endlessly repeat myself every five minutes before the idiot can’t understand basic things… like words.I was beginning to lose my patience at him anyway, and I guess asking eight (I think) times in one day proof that radiometric dating is wrong didn’t help.

I’ve been tweeted things by people like his love of peaches…


… his terrible chat up technique…


.. and his love of demonstrating that sending a link to Playboy constitutes evidence of “intelligent design”! (excuse the colour coding, I had to grab it from Google’s cache)


I mean Playboy, for fucks sake, no taste at all and all that shows in the main is that are surgeon’s out there who can do really good breast implants!

But I knew all this before hand. I knew he was a despicable person, I just wanted to keep the discussion civil.

It’s that’s not going to stop me following the plank, or blogging his best lines, which I admit I am well behind on. He’s still on my creationist-loons list I just watch it and laugh as his irrational, illogical and very poorly thought out arguments flood my screen.

As one door closes, another opens and more creationist-loons seem to chat to me now.

Aren’t I the lucky one!

By mh

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