Joe believes dragons are real. No you can’t make this shit up. He believes that they were renamed “dinosaurs” in 1842 by Richard Owen.

His evidence? Well.

  • Chinese years of the dragon
  • Cave paintings of dragons/dinosaurs
  • Dragons on the side of ships

Convincing huh. Superstitious nonsense is now entwined with creationist nonsense now.

The Paluxy riverbed. Faked by creationists.

He also mentioned on Twitter that human and dinosaur prints have been found side by side, so when I asked if he thinks the Paluxy riverbed is genuine, he says they are. I provided a the Wiki link that shows that the family of George Adams, who discovered them, have admitted they are fakes. Wow, creationist faking evidence? Who’d thought it eh.

Even with that evidence, Joey implied that they forced the confession. Incredible.

Apart from the three superstitious nonsense pieces of “evidence” and an known fake being the basis of his proof, what could he do to prove it?

Well, it’s quite simple. We have dinosaur fossils all over the world, all he needs to prove his theory is pretty much the same as the evidence that’ll falsify evolution.

Where is the human and dinosaur fossils mixed together? Just one is all you need. We have evidence of humans and mammoths in the same enviroment. where’s the evidence of co-habiting with dinos?

I’ve asked him 11 times, and never received an answer. I wonder why?

Unicorns? Well he’s never mentioned them but if the Bible mentions dragons and they’re dinosaurs then unicorns are……? Well Joe?

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One thought on “@JoeCienkowski and dragons, dinosaurs and unicorns!”
  1. For the record, I have a Bible that mentions unicorns. I kid you not. Now, it’s been said that this was simply a misinterpretation of a word meaning “one-horned animal”. But, maybe HoeJoe has the same Bible?? 😉

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