Well people have been recieving the rag that Joe Cienkowski has called the Grand Reality, and I don’t know how I can say that with a straight face.

Anyway @cootey59 has posted a PDF that was tucked to the back of the book, sorry can’t stop laughing at “book” when describing Joe Cienkowski effort.

Let’s get the originality of this crap out the way first. As soon as I saw this shit in his video, I knew I’d seen it before and since Joey has a habit of pinching Hovind’s work word for word, it wasn’t hard to track down. Even then, Hovind pinched it from Henry Morris.

Anyhoo, pictured Right is Hovind’s version. There’s more detail on it than Joe’s, and at least done more professionally than a fucking scribble.

Even Hovind doesn’t know how many there was pre-flood, but it’s patently obvious that this is where the 1 billion figure is from Joe’s version.

Now let’s have a look at Joe’s version from his YouTube video.

Looks a straight copy to me. Is it Joe? Well when I asked him on Youtube…

Bollocks Joe. This is a straight copy, and it’s been proved. You’re a liar!

Now here’s the version from his book, the Grand Reality.

First notice the pre-flood population shown in the YouTube video is suspiciously absent (I’ve redrawn it in red) from the one included in the book. This wouldn’t be because @Raliel forced Joey to admit his pre-flood figures were fiction would it?

The block in yellow from 1804 onwards isn’t in dispute, it’s based on reliable figures. Anyone with a grasp of history knows the reasons for this explosion in population, even a link posted by Joe on the Wikipedia explains this, but perversely he keeps bleating about this 96% decrease. Why not just say it’s a 2680% increase in population since the hilariously title “year zero”? I guess we’ll never know.

Speaking of “year zero”, the 250 million figure is the upper end of the estimates, and I have no problem accepting that as true for these purposes.

Now the disagreement with this diagram is the line from the flood to 1804. This has been pointed out DOZENS of times on Twitter, and even in comments on his videos which hasn’t even bothered answering, just deletes them and then goes on and on about Grand Reality not being refuted. In your dreams.

Since he likes to point out the assumptions us “evolutionists” uses, let’s point out the blindingly obvious assumption he’s using by drawing a straight line from 1804 to 2400 BC. This is a purely based on his view of history based on the bible, it has no basis in any fact, whatsoever.

This was all refuted in 1985, if only Joey peachy porn peddler bothered to use Google beforehand.

What’s funnier is Joe’s comment that…

Erm no. I’ve been to Grimspound. I’ve read of archaeological digs in Egypt, Jericho, Iraq, Persia, etc etc that show housing in the BC period. It’s such a stupid comment, but after speaking to Joey, you learn to never been astonished at the depth of his stupidity.

So with all this bollocks refuted, it’s no wonder that no one but himself and his lunatic fringe friends believe in this crap.

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