I haven’t mention this fuckwitt for a while, mainly because I feel having a go constantly at Peachy is like beating up a defenceless animal.

So when @WestonLockley posts:

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/WestonLockley/statuses/125558544077553664″]

… “a light went off in the inside of my head” (that was a quote from Joe Cienkowski’s Grand Reality pamphlet, lots of jokes there to borrow). If anyone has bothered to go to Peachy’s Twitter home and managed not to self harm from reading his tweets, you should look at his lists. Predictably he has two, one atheist and one christian.

But what’s that as a description on the atheist list?

You’re shitting me? Yep, Peachy, as well as being Christianity’s “chief apologist” is also on a one man mission to convert Atheists. So after 45,000 tweets, how many conversions?

To the knowledge of Twitter, there has been a massive TWO conversions that can be attributed directly to Joe Cienkowski, but before you congratulate him there is a little detail that I missed.

The two conversions are from Christians and Agnostics AWAY from Christianity, not too it.

So, congratulations Peachy. Four self-published book fails, one wrecked marriage, one leaky trailer park trash roof, big debts, 45,000+ tweets, 1,100+ followers (who are mostly atheists taking the piss) and you’ve driven away two people.

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