most-hauntedOoooo this is exciting, in a sense anyway.

The Halloween special of Most Haunted is going to be about Jack the Ripper, and I’m excited because I’m an avid reader of anything Jack the Ripper related.

I was a fan of this show but now it’s just degenerated into shite, but people still think it’s “spooky” or “something must be happening”. This will prove once and for all what bollocks it all is.

My tips for things to look out for during the show.

    1. Out of the two victims of the “double event”,was it coincidence that Catherine Eddowes and Elizabeth Stride were killed on the same night?


  • Was Mary Kelly’s murder really by the ripper or, as I suspect, made to look like a Jack the Ripper killing.



  • What was Mary Kelly’s real name?



  • What accent will Derek Acorah put on when he’s undoubtedly by Jack the Ripper? Scouse? American? Cockney?



  • Will Derek say that he can still detect the screams of the victims? If so he’s talking more shite than usual, there wasn’t any screams from the victims.



  • Graffiti on the wall in Ghoulston Street?



  • The lodging house in Batty Street where one of the major suspects is supposedly stayed?



I suspect he’ll go for Kominski as the murderer.

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