I read an amazing blog post on another forum that was discussing Noah’s Ark and the Flud™. They were discussing where the water came from, and it was the usual suspects: The canopy, the mantle, the atmosphere, etc. Some calculated that if the all the water in the atmosphere fell to the ocean, the sea level would be raised by just 25 millimeters. One poxy inch.

This blew me away, considering that the greatest scientist the world has ever seen, Joe Cienkowski, has said that 70% of the earth’s surface is filled with water and it’s more than enough to flood the world.

Is it? Really?

Well blame my endless curiousity about this world we live in, but I wanted to know how much water would be needed to flood the earth, and since I couldn’t find the answer on Google, I would have to rely on my math skills bearing in mind I failed my high school exam.

The earth isn’t a perfect sphere, so I’m using NASA’s volumetric mean radius of 6,371 kilometers for my workings out.

Using the formula 4/3×π×r³ we can find out the volume of the earth: 1,083,206,916,845 km³

Mount Everest is 8.8 kilometers high, so if we calculate the volume again with that extra on top: 1,087,190,292,586 km³

No subtract one from the other, and you’ll see that that the amount of water needed to flood to the level of Mount Everest is about 3,983,375,741 km³ of water on top of what we have now.

That’s a mind-blowing amount of H20, but let’s put it into perspective.

All the the water in the world, in the oceans, ice caps, lakes, the atmosphere, every last drop is about 1,410,000,000 km³. As you can see below from this remarkable artwork, how little that is.

So how likely is it that Noah’s flud™ happened? Give the roughness of my maths, not taking into account any other surface features apart from Mount Everest there is zero chance of the Flud™ happening.

The only possible way for the Flud™ to have happened is a supernatural sky daddy who vapourised ALOT of water.

But then, that wouldn’t be science would it, so you have to make shit up like the earth was flat at the time of the flood (despite Genesis 7:19-20 mentioning that high hills and mountains “were covered”) and that it was the flood that caused runaway plate techtonics and mountain building on a scale that would fry the planet from the heat generated.

Never let trivial things like facts, data and evidence get in that way of creationism.

Thanks to @cootey59 for help with the maths.

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