Some twat in Sunderland is suing William Hill because he’s shit at gambling.

No sorry, that’s wrong, let me try that again.

Some cock in Sunderland is suing William Hill because not only is he shit gambling, he’s also got some made-up medical condition that makes him gamble.

No I ain’t kidding. According to medical researchers, this prick has “ludomania”, or what other people would call compulsive gambling.

Apparently William Hill should now be caring for people who come into their gambling dens and run up huge debts, make different accounts just in case and make sure some careless tosser doesn’t piss away £2 million!

Amazing what bullshit can do for you in court!  Hope he loses, will be a good lesson in not being a greedy bastard and how not to blame others for his misfortune!

By mh

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