In the I.T department I work in, we rather enjoy annoying the plebs by saying we can read their e-mails, know where they’re going and when on the internet. This normally keeps them in line so we don’t have to worry so much about wasting our precious solitaire work time on silly things like internet blocking.

But from this report on Reuters, it looks like we’re missing out on so much 🙂

One third of I.T professionals, yes I qualify in that section, have owned up to snooping on other people’s information.

Now we have three people in I.T, and so which one of us is lying?

It also highlights a rather cavalier attitude to passwords, especially when staff leave the company. I’m amazed at that revelation. When someone leaves our place, first thing we do is go through their emails, especially recovering the “good” ones and putting them about the company 🙂

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