Payback Joe Haines

I’ve had this in draft for a very long time, just waiting for the chance to use it, and finally I get a chance to be a vitriolic little cunt, much like Joe Haines is.

A little background for this walking turd.

When Freddie Mercury died due to complications of AIDS, “journalist” Joe Haines wrote a column for the Daily Mirror. While the world mourned the passing of a legend, and I use that word wisely, the skidmark of the face of humanity wrote this crap.

The article by the twat Joe Haines

All this time, I’ve held back this article, hoping the little fucker would die in horrific circumstances, a slow painful death. Sadly, it’s not that day yet, so I’m picking to publish this on the die his wife died after a “long and distressing illness.” I like to think that the long and distressing illness was being married for 68 years to Joe Haines, a scum of the earth.

They do say that when a couple have been together for a very long time, when it comes one passing, the other isn’t far behind. Well Joe, if you are about to drop dead, can your grave come with a urinal and a dance floor? We might need it.

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