Rapture Ready is a magnet for dimwitted, mentally crippled fundamentalist nutters, so while I was waiting for the first cretinous remark about neutrinos showing science being crap, I cam across this gem about the Italian scientists being prosecuted in Italy for failing to predict an earthquake.

I have another take on this issue. Maybe putting scientists on trial isn’t such a bad idea. For example – shouldn’t Evolutionary Biologists be put on trial for the Columbine shootings? Weren’t Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris merely acting on their belief that the origin of human life is merely an accident of nature – a fortunate assembly of molecules that gained the ability to self-replicate and then diversify through natural selection acting on beneficial mutations? Wasn’t this what their science textbooks proclaimed to them over and over as absolute unquestionable FACT – no longer open to debate or criticism?

When will THESE scientists be put on trial for the multitude of their crimes against humanity that have been a direct or indirect result of this empty and baseless philosophy? In America alone the rise of crimes, both violent and non-violent, are statistically relevant to when Evolution (as a means to explain origins) was introduced into public school curriculums. The contemporaneous removal of the 10 Commandments and prayer in schools only compounded the problem as is clearly evident by the same statistics.

Yet why aren’t THESE people put on trial? If seismologists in Italy can be blamed for failing to predict earthquakes (or actually, in this case for predicting no earthquake, when in fact, one happened), then why can’t we put evolutionary biologists, cosmologists, physicists, chemists, etc. on trial for failing our culture?! Clearly, there is more evidence against them than the evidence against the seismologists!

I say – sure, let’s put scientists on trial! Then we can get to the bottom of the mess that has resulted for the last 50 years in America.

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