Well it’s New Year’s Day and in the absence of any Christians floating skywards, it’s probably safe to say that Rapture New Year’s Eve didn’t happen. Sadly.

Now of course @GodsWordIsLaw needs to save face and claiming all sorts of weird shit. So let’s use Keith’s own words to follow this to see if he was hacked.

His first tweets about the Rapture on December 26th 2011.

[blackbirdpie id=”151427092746211328″]

Now remember, this is the point where “vile atheists” hacked his Twitter AND Blogger accounts. Gee, what are the odds of that happening at the same time! Unusually for hackers, they seem to have copied his previous tweets to keep up the ruse as 27 minutes later there’s more of the usual homophobia and barely disguised racism.

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[blackbirdpie id=”151437180080885760″]

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Wow. Who’d have thought atheist hackers would hack a fundies web site and continue posting the very thing they’re allegedly angry about? The next day, it’s his Islamaphobia:

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We’re still very much in the domain of Keith’s lunacy, same repetitive crap from his foul mouth.

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[blackbirdpie id=”151849802353745920″]

[blackbirdpie id=”151851226395455488″]

But there’s still time for the hackers to post #RaptureNYE inbetween

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Even in the last hours of 2011, he’s hopeful!

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15 minutes later, he twigs that it’s not going to happen

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Nine hours later, his dreams of being raptured in tatters, the backpedalling starts, as predicted by @theealex.

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[blackbirdpie id=”153391313277030400″]

You can view his “hacked” Blogger account post here, thanks to Google Cache.

According to his blog, RaptureNYE was now an

elaborate prank devised by a group of vile Atheists intent on harming the reputation of CFAMA and its founder Keith

Sorry Keith, you don’t have a reputation to harm. You’re an idiot.

Perhaps you can give us the crime number your case has been given, I like to follow these things up.

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