Evolution. What will it take for creationists to understand it?

The latest piece of shite from Joey the Peach is about the coelacanth disproving evolution.

The background is that there have been fossils found for this fish, about 390 million years old, and it was long believed to have been extinct. The discovery of the animal still alive and kicking in 1938 apparently is a big issue for evolution.

I’m not sure why since being Joe there’s no proof by him for this, but I’m guessing there’s confusion over an animal not changing very much, if at all, over large periods of time. This isn’t rocket science, but since when has creationists understood anything that isn’t mentioned in the bible.

These ancient animals, like the crocodile or shark or anything else, are adapted perfectly to their environment, and since those  environments haven’t changed, there’s been no  pressure on these populations to change. Evolution doesn’t change for the hell of it.

So where’s the problem? Apart from creationists not having a fucking clue what they’re on about.

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