Our erstwhile Prime Minister David Cameron, stood up in the House of Commons today and was asked about flowers left outside Raoul Moat’s house. What this has to do with Parliment is another question I’d like answered, but DC said “Raoul Moat was a callous murderer, full stop, end of story.”  Yes he was a murderer, I agree but I can’t agree with his next statement that ”I cannot understand any wave, however small, of public sympathy for this man.”

I’m sorry Cameron, but you’re wrong. It’s blatantly obvious to ANYONE who has followed the story that Raoul Moat had serious mental health issues going back to July 2009 from tape recordings released by the family.

He was ill. He was ignored. He has my sympathy as much as the victims of his crimes do but then I’m even handed Mr Cameron. And not a Tory prick.

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