Kak handed typing of I.T administrators.

Just having support tinker with my works MacBook to configure new software, and this was the IM exchange. Remember, these are in charge of the infrastructure and administration of system’s coping with 25,000 employees. Count the typo’s.

J: il grab it is it for upi
J: *you
C: setting druva up on marks crapbook
C: and want to get off of it asap before i catch cooties
C: so speed it up!
J: hes not on druva yet, just adding himon tghe server
C: ive donwe thT

The kak handed typing suddenly explains why the systems sometimes don’t work as advertised 🙂

Copies of Mavis Beacon Typing Tutor are on the way boys.

Dear WordPress hackers

To the hackers in Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam and China who are trying to hack my site… WHY?

I’m lucky to get 10 visitors a day, so I’m a little puzzled why you’d bother. I’m not sure what kudos you’ll get from the hacking fraternity by taking down this shitty web site, but thanks for noticing me.

P.S. As a WordPress developer, do you seriously think I’d have a user called admin as a user on this site? Or even as user ID 1? Or /wp-admin folder?

Good luck anyway.