I’m honoured to be mentioned by ‘the freak’

During my spells of boredom, I like to visit those less fortunate that us normal people, and yes, normal is relative. But I’m talking about Dawn Gordon so I reserve the word “fuckwitt” for these people.

I feel honoured to be mentioned on her blog, I’m not linking to it as she didn’t fucking bother to to link to me.

Thanks for the traffic from border of insanity..I see your obsession with Joe quite clearly…do you not have anything better to write about then Joe?

In all honesty one of the people who came from your blog is sending me a donation as a priest..so thanks alot!

Keep shipping them my way dear…

Firstly, don’t call me “dear.” Unless your memory is like a sieve, the last words we spoke on Twitter before banning me was “fuck off freak” so don’t get overly familiar.

Secondly, what I write about it none of your concern. Unlike your blog I like to have something of substance to write about and I don’t get much time in the week to right full posts so I post them and back date them as and when I can be arsed.

Thirdly. Good can you tell me his IP address so I can block the fuckwitt?

Fourthly… I’m getting the same feeling now replying to you as I did reading your Twitter timeline: bored shiteless.