Discussing England’s chances in the World Cup

Rea: Will set you on the England football team if they don’t play well!
Mark: I would waste my energy, just hope for the plane to fall out of the sky on the way back if they suck 🙂
Rea: Oh ok, just make the plane fall out the sky! Lol
Mark: haha yeah please fall out of the sky no matter what. Worked for Man United in Munich 😀
Rea: Lol harsh Mark lol

UKIP’s new posters unveiled

UKIP have unveiled new posters to promote their usual xenophobic scare tactics.


Sadly, the gullible in this country seem to think Nigel Farage can shit miracles and will believe any crap the Daily Mail prints. If that rag was around, here’s some more headlines from British history.

43AD Bloody Italians, coming over here taking our jobs (that’s the Roman invasion for stupid people)

441AD Bloody Germans and Danes, coming over here taking our jobs (that’s the Anglo-Saxon invasion for ignorant people)

865AD Bloody Scandinavians, coming over here taking our jobs (that’s the Viking invasion for simpleminded people)

1066AD Bloody French, coming over here taking our jobs (that’s the Norman invasion for vacuous people)

1950AD Bloody Jamaican and Pakistanis, coming over here taking our jobs (that’s the Commonwealth wave of immigration to make up the shortfall in British labour because of the Second World War for imbecilic people)

2014AD Bloody *insert any country in the world you xenophobic fucks*, coming over here taking our jobs (that’s Daily Mail employees who write their front pages)

Just how shit at your job, or how incompetent are you, that someone maybe from another country, who maybe can’t speak English, is a better candidate than YOU, an English speaker?

Maybe, just maybe, the problem isn’t with the people who just want a better standard of living (and you wouldn’t do the same if the roles were reversed)