Who needs critical thinking when it looks good?

I’ve seen this image posted by quite a few people on Facebook and tracing it back to its source, at the time of writing it’s been shared 211,669 times. Now have a read of what it says and I’ll join you after.


Yeah! Bloody foreigners eh? Well no, because unlike the 211,000+ lobotomised muppets who’ve shared this shite, the first thing I did was reach for Google to find a) how much the Department for International Development budget is and b) what the UK GNI (that’s Gross National Income) is.

So how many billions do we give to other countries? Well, a ten second Google search finds the 2014 Statistics on International Development relatively quickly and we can see how much those foreigners are milking the UK taxpayers (that’s sarcasm!)

The UK has committed to giving 0.7% of GNI  as agreed by the United Nations in 1970, which will please  the New World Order conspiracy morons. But it’s also good news for window lickers who read the Daily Mail or support UKIP as in 2005 the EU also agreed to 0.7% of GNI by 2013. Bloody EU, taking our sovereignty and… and… shit (that was sarcastic as well!)

So from this document we can see that the UK government gives £11.4 billion to “other countries” and without any context whatsoever, it seems like a hell of a lot of money! Well that why we also look at the GNI of the UK because we know it’s only 0.7%.

Firstly GNI is Gross National Income and for 2013, the UK earned £1,465,641,838,680… yes that’s one trillion pounds, or £1,400 billion. Well gee, that poxy £11.4 billion looks piss poor now doesn’t it, dare I say trivial. So how much does the UK actually spend? According the Public Expenditure Statistical Analyses 2014, a cure for even the worst insomnia, in 2014-2015 the UK will spend £732 billion so in fact the johnny foreigners are pilfering 1.55% of UK government spending. The bastards (it’s sarcasm FFS!)

According to Wikipedia the average salary in the UK is £26,500, so it’s the equivalent of Mr/Mrs average giving £410 a year to help others. Like that’s going to fucking happen!

So after a few minutes research, you can see that the “billions” we give to “other countries” is poultry compared to government income and expenditure, but hey, don’t let something like facts get in the way of good old fashioned British xenophobic bullshit. Why not ask the questions that need to be asked like, where does the other £721 billion go?

I’m a big believer in helping those less fortunate than myself, and karma and that is why I don’t give a flying fuck about donating £11 billion to countries who need help in health, infrastructure, education, water sanitation and humanitarian aid and you’re a sociopathic prick if you don’t see any positive reasons to do so.

Putting emotive phrases when referring to the elderly, homelessness, mental illness and the armed forces is there for just that, to spark a reaction. All those issues have been around for decades, and you think £11 billion will suddenly solve all those problems you listed?  You idiot.

So we’re back to 211,000+ people who have reposted this shit image. Learn some critical thinking. Learn to read before believing what anyone says ESPECIALLY on Facebook! Learn to fucking research. Then you can make an informed decision on information rather than blindly follow those fuckers from UKIP or the Daily Mail.