World of Tanks: There’s lies, damn lies and statistics

XVM is a very popular mod for World of Tanks which I’ve used for a long time now.

The only negative I have with it is when the map is loading and displaying teams, it shows the chances of your team winning the match. How it works it out, I don’t know and neither do I care really.

But some people DO care what it says, and you can put money on some muppet in battle chat immediately saying that “We’ve lost.” That’s the spirit. *rolls eyes*

I wish the chances of winning could be removed from this mod. It does nothing positive for a game, on the contrary, I firmly believe it does more harm that good and will affect the way people play the game. With a low chance to win, people will either play extremely cautious by camping as far from the action as possible (tier 9 heavy tanks, I’m looking at you) or, given that the chances of winning are remote, play recklessly there by ensuring that we the team’s chances of winning are completely fucked up. You selfish little fucks.

The outcome of every game can never, EVER be predetermined by playing numbers. What is important is to adapt to the game as it unfolds, and the team that can do the the best, will win the game, even if it does tell you you’ve only got a 25% chance of winning.

Ignore it.