Down Came The Rain by Mitch Murray

I can remember hearing this on BBC Radio Two’s Pick of the Pops a long time ago, and spending hours laughing at it.

A Google search of who sang it never turned up anything. It wasn’t even on Pirate Bay or eMule (yes it was that long ago), but eventually I found it thanks to YouTube.‎

It starts of sounding like a typically 1960’s schmaltzy god awful love song. Then it turns in to bat shit crazy pub singing at 38 seconds.

I love this song for the crazy chorus, and it’s just come on again on my mp3 playlist in work, so thought I’d just write a few paragraphs to share my love of this forgotten classic.

New idea from my brother about a cure for insomnia

I have great difficulty getting to sleep. The wife disappears to sleep about 10pm, while I’m wide awake still at 1am and sleep is the last thing on my mind.

The usual trick of reading a chapter of a book or just relaxing doing nothing doesn’t work any more, not that my brain knows what “relax” is anyway so I’ve resorted to the trick my brother uses.

So for this to work, you take one pair of the shittiest headphones, in this case Alba.

Cut off the left or right, your choice honestly, earpiece and wrap some insulation tape around it. Colour selection is yours, but I don’t recommended my choice of shitty brown that I’ve used, only because I haven’t a clue where the black tape is.

Next find an mp3 player that you’ve not used in a year because your spanking new, flash as fuck smartphone is better at it, which you threw in your discarded crap drawer.

Now load it would some great tracks.

Now. Sleep.

Well that’s the theory anyway. Hopefully it’ll work and in seven hours 15 minutes I’ll wake up refreshed instead of waking up in seven hours 15 minutes fucking shattered as I’ve spend four of those hours looking at the bloody ceiling because I can’t bloody sleep!

Bugger all to write

Or is that nothing worth writing?

I’ve got the rest of the week off so looking forward to two days with the wife, though one of those is going to Totnes which is going to be an experience I’m sure. Then again she is working this weekend so I get 12 hours to myself and no matter how good my intentions are on planning to do things, bugger all ever happens.

Like this blog for example, I don’t like this default theme but every time I go to design a new one, I lose interest so I’ve set myself the slightly more achievable aim of just “enhancing” it. I’m sure I can manage a decent background and change the god awful typefaces used, no offence to WordPress of course, but Georgia of all things!

Still struggling for a category name of all the posts that aren’t in the other ones. Hmmm, “Reaction”? “News?”  Ah sod it, too much thinking for one day.

Oh god, Howard Jones has just come on my mp3 player, that isn’t going to make this any easier to write! Next please. Ah, Harry Up Harry Camel! Music to think to Smile

Edit: Actually I’ve just done the background, just inverted one I did two years ago but never used anywhere so that’s one less thing to do now.