And here comes the red mist again…

The air can turn a little more than just a shade of blue at my workstation at home sometimes, and it’s happened recently… and it’s all Microsoft’s fault!

Imagine the scene, I’m sat at my desk and I’m in a productive mood, the music is playing in the background when suddenly Windows 8 notifies me I have to restart my computer because of updates. No postpone option, so alright… restart.

Back comes Windows 8, I sign in with my Microsoft account and I’m met with this from Skydrive.


Ok, fair enough. Google asks me to sign in on their web sites every couple weeks, not a problem. Enter my password, and…


Oh no! I’ve been hacked! Yeah right. I click next, enter my password AGAIN (you can see the blood pressure was rising at this point)…


Woah, woah, woah there one cotton picking minute Microsoft. You’ve asked me to verify if I was using my account, I have done and now you’re insisting I change my password, that I’ve had for a decade or so because maybe, perhaps and on a hunch, someone else is using my account?

Oh and don’t even think about attempting to change the password to the same one as Uncle Microsoft says nooooooo. You can’t use a password you’ve used before…. EVER.

Now, we have a password policy in work but it only remembers the last three passwords of a user and it has the option to overwrite that if we go to Active Directory Users.

Now this is where the red mist came down and I was fucking furious. Now do I change the password on the web… then my laptop, then my chromebook, then on my tablet, then on my phone and then on the works computer.. or do I say “fuck this” and uninstall every Microsoft product, except Windows 8 obviously, and sign in on Windows 8 as a local user instead (comically is states you won’t be able to synchronise between computers… whoopee fucking doo!)

I choose the latter of course. So fuck you Microsoft, I preferred it when you were security slackers, at least I could choose my fucking password no matter what then.

If it wasn’t for my XBox account, I’d have closed the fucking lot there and then.