World of Tanks: You’re a scout not a kamikaze

And while I’m in a ranting mood about World of Tanks, or rather copying and pasting stuff I’ve had written for weeks without post…

You’re trying to hard when you claim to be spotting for us, race up the map and die ten seconds later and then blame everyone else for your idiocy.

A good scout, that is a scout that does die in seconds of a game starting, will go PARTIALLY up the map, FIND COVER and stay there and not FUCKING firing, there by giving away your position.

It’s not rocket surgery.


Mobile gamer commits suicide over phone bill

Almost couldn’t stop laughing.

A kid in South Korea topped himself after getting a phone bill for £2,000.

Telecom companies there have now put usage limits on bills so it doesn’t happen again.

I’ve had phone bills for over a £1,000 and never felt like that, ok I had to empty my bank account to pay for it but still alive and kicking.

Oh well, never mind, one less prick on the planet.