Complaints department

I wish to apologise for the lack of ranting posts recently, but my adventures into WordPress development has taking over somewhat in the last month, and while using every permutation of the word ‘fuck’ is the norm* rather than the exception it’s not a good idea while explaining how to use CSS and PHP.

Normal service will be resumed, it is Christmas Xmas holiday period after all.

* I’ve also just noticed that posting lots of swearing to my blog is fine, but forgetting my posts are also shared on my LinkedIn profile, doesn’t help with my colleagues at work 🙂

Swearing. A sign of limited vocabulary?


I swear.

A lot.

I am often told it’s a sign of my inability to articulate my thoughts so I have to resort to swearing. Or is it?

Is it really my fault that saying “No thank you” when you disturb my peace and quiet when you try and talk to me about PPI, double glazing, conservatory, switching energy provider, winning a holiday as long as I pay a small fee is not understood, yet saying “will you just fuck off” has an immediate reaction.

I claim I am provoked by stupidity of others into swearing.

So once again, it’s not my fault.