The dangers of listening to The Living Dinosaur in work

I’ve ripped The Living Dinosaur‘s Holy Hallucinations series to MP3 so I can listen to them while working.

It’s just because he rips a new arsehole for everyone he crosses, he makes me chuckle away to myself.

However, listening to Holy Hallucinations 17 in work, I got to this point and laughed out loud in the office. He’s replying to some prick about how great the human species is, and then lists superior aspects of other species.

And this is the bit that made me laugh.

It just so happened that I started laughing just as a developer turned around, so I’ve made him a little paranoid 🙂


Down Came The Rain by Mitch Murray

I can remember hearing this on BBC Radio Two’s Pick of the Pops a long time ago, and spending hours laughing at it.

A Google search of who sang it never turned up anything. It wasn’t even on Pirate Bay or eMule (yes it was that long ago), but eventually I found it thanks to YouTube.‎

It starts of sounding like a typically 1960’s schmaltzy god awful love song. Then it turns in to bat shit crazy pub singing at 38 seconds.

I love this song for the crazy chorus, and it’s just come on again on my mp3 playlist in work, so thought I’d just write a few paragraphs to share my love of this forgotten classic.

Testing Homeopathy – Part 3: Research Evidence?

Homeopathy defies fundamental physics, chemistry and biology. In this video we’ll see how much evidence the Society of Homeopaths was able to bring to bear when a complaint was made to the Advertising Standards Authority, and we’ll look at some of the papers they didn’t present to the ASA.

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Testing Homeopathy – Part 2

Homeopathy defies fundamental physics, chemistry and biology. What does it take to become a homeopath? No training is needed at all, but in this video we compare what seems to be the last BSc Homeopathy course in Britain with a BSc in medicine. The claim that the Swiss Government has endorsed homeopathy is also examined.


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