What with Easter coming and going in the blink of an eye, my memory was jogged of a office discussion many years ago about what happens to Cadbury’s Mini Eggs after Easter.

So with tongue placed firmly in cheek, I’ve emailed Cadbury’s to find out what the fuck they’re playing at.

Dear Cadbury’s,

I am writing with reference to your delicious sweets, the Mini Eggs.

While I understand they are egg shaped and that Easter must be best time to sell these chocolates, I would like to register our displeasure at their noticeable absence of the other 51 weeks of the year.

Our armchair lawyer who has watched far too much Judge Judy than is natural, believes we should be compensated with 12 months worth of Mini Eggs so we can pig out 24/7 in the year when it’s not Easter.

We look forward to seeing an articulated lorry pull up shortly with the aforementioned produce.

Yours sarcastically and with too much time on my hands in work (but it needed to be said)

Mark Hall
In a diabetic coma

Awaiting a reply.

By mh

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