And majority of sane people don’t give a fuck.

Didn’t know her. Never met her. Don’t fucking care about someone who’s position is an accident of birth.

The same mass hysteria on the scale of Diana’s… ahem ‘accident’ is on show, with the same cretins on TV, remembering how they saw Queenie whizz by in her car 30 years ago and how it’s all so emotional for them now she’s plucking harp strings with her husband now. Whoop de fucking doo.

But giving a shit about the UK royal family isn’t the point of this. Nor is the blanket, one sided version being fed by the media.


How about a woman being arrested for holding up a sign calling for the monarchy being abolished?

What about a man being arrested for heckling Prince Andrew?

Man arrested for heckling Prince Andrew –

And the fucking cherry on the shit sundae, a man hassled by the police for holding up a blank piece of paper, warned that is he write notmyking on it, he’d be arrested for a public order offence because someone MIGHT be offended.

Fuck me, people have lost the plot along with their fucking minds.