“It’s the only show that he would sit and watch and be quiet” says me Mum when she heard the Clangers were returning this month to television.

Yes I’m 43, but it’s 5:30pm and I’m transported back to a five year old sat on the carpet staring at knitted pink deformed elephants with swanee whistles for voices.

When I heard they were remaking the Clangers, I dreaded some computer generated bollocks, like Thunderbirds, but pleasantly surprised they’ve kept with the original style of stop frame animation.

And Michael Palin as the narrator? Genius.

Seeing Granny, Major, Mother, Tiny and Small again on the screen makes me happy, and reminds me of a time in my life when I was vaguely happier, before real life came along and shat all over it.


By mh

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