Aug 19 2010, 23:57 UTC

@AnnraoiOD The world is better because Saddam Hussein is out of power. The world should thank George W. Bush for his steadfastness

I’m sure all tens of thousands of dead Iraqi’s are eterally grateful. At least you got your oil supply secured from those nasty muslims eh.

Aug 19 2010, 23:56 UTC

@shauny Our founding fathers started off with a two-hour prayer. The original statehouse was at church on Sunday

Doesn’t matter, what does the US constitution state?

Aug 19 2010, 23:54 UTC

how do you explain all 27 NT 1st century books/9 authors mentioning 500 eyewitnesses isn’t MUCH proof of the resurrection

Hearsay. Written a 100 years after the fact.

Aug 19 2010, 23:46 UTC

@GagaShady I make a good case for Hitler’s atheism. It’s also a good case that Hitler “professed God with his mouth but not in his heart”

You make no case whatsoever.

Aug 19 2010, 23:39 UTC

@mardillo with all due respect to the kind peaceful Muslim community, there are many extremist Muslims who want to bomb & destroy societies

There are extemist Christians as well. See army of God.

Aug 19 2010, 23:38 UTC

@robineccles Hitler may have been someone who professed the name of God, but his heart was far from Him. Certainly a practical atheist

Evidence for that?

Aug 19 2010, 16:48 UTC

@Golmer I have been studying the news for many years. 99 times out of 100 Israel is only retaliating. 1% b/c they see terrorists plotting


Aug 19 2010, 16:17 UTC

@MyDarlingCecily I am not saying anything different than the basic definitions of each word. Kind is very scientific and specific


Aug 19 2010, 16:14 UTC

@persephone419 have I ever read a biology book? how about 12 years of science class? Biology is simply the study & science of life right?

So you have the background to challenge biology, and your words show you weren’t pay attention in those 12 years.

Aug 19 2010, 15:09 UTC

@CapnAlex I’ve never seen #atheist define science? Science is observed study identify describe investigate phenomena & theoretical explanat

Science is defined already. Atheism or creationism doesn’t get to define it to suit their needs. Google is your friend.

Aug 19 2010, 14:59 UTC

@ThatAtheistGuy I think #RichardDawkins knows he put his foot in his mouth by giving real deepest thoughts. He’s amazed at cell replicating

No he didn’t. He was ask a theoretical question about intelligent design and he said aliens. Theorectical.

Aug 19 2010, 14:52 UTC

@Drei88 If we got taller, over time, explain how Neanderthal man is bigger than today’s man? explain finding the camel twice the size

Oh boy.

Aug 19 2010, 13:09 UTC

@robineccles “cosmic Jewish zombie”??? How about 27 independent, 1st century documents w/ multiple attestations, and corroborating accounts

You’ve got no contemporary evidence of miracles, resurrection or anything.

Aug 19 2010, 12:53 UTC

@TeenageAtheist sorry, they go hand in hand. Evolution/atheism Why? If we evolved, you must go back to something from nothing

Nope. Evolution doesn’t need atheism and atheism doesn’t need evolution.