Aug 20 2010, 0:02 UTC

@robineccles I certainly believe the Holy Spirit has guided my work. All my work is based on proving Christ- God

Christianity is fucked then.

Aug 20 2010, 0:06 UTC

@StyxMaker . I don’t have to worry about evolution being true. The real question is what will you do when you find out evolution is false.

After 150 years, evolution is still going strong. After nine days of repeating this mantra of yours, you’ve STILL to provide ANY evidence against it.

Aug 20 2010, 0:18 UTC

@robineccles . Jesus fulfilled over 300 Old Testament prophecies. Said he was the Messiah. Did miracles to prove He was the Messiah.

Aug 20 2010, 0:20 UTC

@mibarroso Evolution is still unproved a unprovable. Evolution is not a fact but a theory that has been outdated.

Repeating this claim doesn’t make it any more right.

Aug 20 2010, 12:16 UTC

@Simply_bled Micro evolution is true science that can be tested and studied every single day. Creationists like to call it ‘variations’


Aug 20 2010, 12:23 UTC

@Golmer you’ll see that creationism is true science and the true reality of everything we see; Nothing unscientific about creationism

Where’s the papers? Where’s the peer review? Where’s the theory? Where’s the fucking evidence?

Aug 20 2010, 12:47 UTC

@ThatAtheistGuy microevolution is scientific and see it every day; macroevolution is religion and you must accept by faith

Blah blah blah

Aug 20 2010, 12:48 UTC

Abiogenesis is spontaneous generation repackaged for consumption but equally as absurd: distinction without a difference.

I’d love to live in Joe World.

Aug 20 2010, 12:57 UTC

@_7654_ No actually I am firmly a Christian. I seek to convert someone #atheist to theism. You never go backwards from Jesus

And do atheists “witness” Christians?

Aug 20 2010, 13:10 UTC

@renarde theory of creationism (Bible’s account) much more fits the evidence of what we see every day than the theory of evolution

Name one bit of evidence that fits the Bible completely. Just one.

Aug 20 2010, 13:10 UTC

@renarde you may believe that evolution is science, but I’ve proven my book that evolution is religion. If the atheism’s creation story

Atheism isn’t creation dickhead.

Aug 20 2010, 13:12 UTC

#ChristianS, the bottom line answer is we can Fully Rely On God (FROG) even believing in a literal Adam and Eve

Yeah of course. No DNA bottleneck, you’re “theory” is fucked.

Aug 20 2010, 13:26 UTC

@MyDarlingCecily Genesis 6:15; Ark is to be 450 feet long/75 feet wide/45 feet high (could have been bigger if cubit was bigger back then)


Aug 20 2010, 14:03 UTC

@p3n7agram don’t you know that scientists go into the field with an evolutionary bias, as they were force-fed evolution in first grade?

One example would be nice.

Aug 20 2010, 14:07 UTC

@StyxMaker how exactly did the solar system form? (that keeps perfect time, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, winter spring summer fall)

I think you’ll find humans crammed the time into the natural cycle of the universe, hence the leap year, the leap second, etc.

Aug 20 2010, 14:12 UTC

@LarryLovesJesus I believe in the Big Bang. God said it and ‘Bang’ it happened

Fuck, rewrite the science books! Joe’s cracked it.

Aug 20 2010, 14:26 UTC

@p3n7agram absolutely they are real scientists. You are the ones who out of hand discounts them because they believe in creationism

This is a reference to the ICR, AIG and Discovery Institute. The really world famous scientists who have come up with the Wedge Strategy and Irreducible Complexity, which is a solid theory. Solid in the sense of a wet paper towel. So what science journals has these “scientists” published in recently?

Aug 20 2010, 14:48 UTC

@Simply_bled I’m actually the perfect spokesman for creationism, Christianity. God created science AND the #Bible

They’re all fucked as well.

Aug 20 2010, 15:20 UTC

@ThatAtheistGuy #Bible has many different authors, but all were guided by God the Holy Spirit, therefore w/o error historically & factually

Didn’t Luke, Matthew and John either copy Mark wholesale or plagiarise it to death?

Aug 20 2010, 15:39 UTC

@StyxMaker and why are there galaxies suns out there spinning backwards

Oh boy.

Aug 20 2010, 15:51 UTC

@AnnraoiOD your macroevolution implies that something turned into a dog; INTO a wolf. This is where it turns religious


Aug 20 2010, 16:05 UTC

@StyxMaker don’t give me that crap. You can study medicine perfectly fine without believing in evolution. Luke was a doctor

And a crap writer. Allegedly.

Aug 20 2010, 16:06 UTC

@CapnAlex it is foolish to think you must believe in evolution to study biology, chemistry, zoology, cosmology, physiology

Aug 20 2010, 16:16 UTC

@Golmer you can study chemistry, anatomy and physiology , without even bringing evolution into it. they are true fields of science.

Aug 20 2010, 16:18 UTC

@CapnAlex you can study biology all day long without the word ‘evolution’ ever coming to mind. Many things we can study about life

When was the last time you picked up a book dealing with biology. Or anything to do with science?

Aug 20 2010, 16:19 UTC

@jeanybeany80 Jesus did know I’d be speaking on His behalf and warned me that I will be persecuted for His sake. (Matt 5)

And I’d bet he hasn’t been more pissed off since being nailed to a cross. Allegedly.

Aug 20 2010, 16:21 UTC

@Golmer I believe in evolution until I was 30 years old. It was actually for scientific reasons I abandoned evolution

And what were those earth shattering “scientific reasons”? It turned out to be a Ken Ham DVD hahahaha

Aug 20 2010, 16:22 UTC

@Golmer evolution is a made-up theory to give ‘scientific justification’ to reject God. You somehow think it’s science, but it’s not

People rejected god before evolution.

Aug 20 2010, 16:24 UTC

@Golmer evolution and biology really have nothing to do with each other. Biology is science of life; existing life; and in observable past

I think you’ll find it is.

Aug 20 2010, 18:16 UTC

@persephone419 I don’t know how anybody cannot like Sarah Palin. She’s bright,intelligent has common sense fearsGod; loves her country

Aug 20 2010, 18:22 UTC

@persephone419 there is some reason the left fears Sarah Palin. Most ordinary down to earth people love Sarah


Aug 20 2010, 18:24 UTC

@persephone419 Fox audience is the most diverse audience.

If you like your audience to be right wing fundementalist christians, then yes, it’s really diverse.

Aug 20 2010, 18:28 UTC

This war on #atheism on the battlefield of ideas, I am refuting the belief system of atheism by show the impossibility of the implications

By mh

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