I was watching a TV program last night on Virgin 1 or something.

Anyway, it was called the “Search for Satan” featured lots of freaks from America saying they’ve seen the devil. It had something called the Jersey Devil, a pub in Kentucky and ended on Charles Manson.

It was a good program, a little out of left field a little but I like to laugh and cranks and their ridiculous beliefs.

But for me, the end of the program really summed up the American attitude to things.

The narrator at the end said “we’ve been all over the world looking for Satan.”

Well no, you didn’t go “all over the world” did you?  You went to a few religious nutters, fuckwitt rednecks and some arseholes in California. I don’t know how to put it, but the world is a little bigger than a 3,000 mile wide intellectual vacuum that is the US.