Over on EVC Forums, a thread, called Landmark gay marriage trial starts today in California, has been going on since the Prop 8 in California and with the latest win for gay marriage in America it’s come back to life.  It’s been a good read, but I’ve always felt it missed something. I can’t quite put my finger on the element that it lacks, but it’s something along the lines of missing a “complete fucking idiot from the right-wing, bat shit crazy fundie community.”

Ever willing to commit intellectual suicide for her religion, Faith enters the fray.

Yep ACLU defends the “right” of Nazi murderers to shove their murderous philosophy down the throats of their most famous victim group. Have they defended NAMBLA yet, you know, the “right” of gay men to molest little boys? Islam too of course they’d also defend, in that case their “right” to push their doctrine of maiming and killing daughters and wives who are suspected of “dishonoring the family name,” killing “infidels” at will and taking over the world for Allah.

The ACLU is out to destroy civilization when it comes down to it, by championing “minority groups” that have that aim. How about kidnappers who hold women hostage for years to rape them? That’s a hated minority group isn’t it? Naa, they probably won’t take that one on for a few years yet. On the other hand I’ve been surprised at how soon they got into some of their other stuff so you never know.

But how loved is the ACLU nevertheless. I do find it hard to believe that we’ve come to such a pass that such unmitigated evils are regarded as good, but at least it fits with Bible prophecy about how evil is going to triumph for a while just before the End. So enjoy it while you can.


I can’t say anything to make Faith look more fucking stupid than she actually is.

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