How did he end up in an Austrian jail?

Well, that’s not so important. To me the question is “Why did he end up in an Austrian jail?”

There are two answers to this.

The first scenario is that David Irving thought he could get away with sneaking into a country that he was banned from, to give a lecture to some students. I don’t think anyone would take that chance willingly, and Irving, for all his faults isn’t stupid. It takes a certain amount of skill to skew documents and argue that they mean the opposite of what they say.

What is stupid is stating on his web site that he was going somewhere and leaving the place empty so has to disguise it. Surely he would have known that this meant he would be going somewhere he shouldn’t. Not exactly rocket science.

Naturally someone would have learned of the plans for his visit and alerted the authorities. Why not? I would have done it as well.

But how did he get into that situation?

The second option, and the one I personally think fits Irving like a glove.

David Irving, an outsider in the denial world since his disastrous loss in the high court against Professor Lipstadt, and desperately needs to get some credibility back. He sees his friends Zundel and Rudolf in prison and getting lots of publicity, so what could he do to draw more attention to himself? “Oh I know, ” thinks Irving. “I’ll go to Austria!”

Surely the inconvenience of a few weeks in jail is bearable for all the publicity he can get and start screaming about his “freedom of speech”, or gramophone he would say.

It’s like Irving is suffering for the cause, he’s in the same situation as Rudolf and Zundel, and so he must be like them? The stupid people who believe the “holohoax” think the same, and Irving is restored to his former self. Sadly.

Is it outside the realms of possibility that this was set up from the start?

No I don’t think so.

He’s a consummate attention seeker as has been shown throughout his “career”, so I wouldn’t put it past him to have set this up from the very start.

All I can say is “who cares?”

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