Maybe the title of this post should be “How come I’m not a Christian?”  It’s pretty much the same thing to me.

Well let’s travel back to my childhood home, a very happy one at that. Yep, I buck the trend in not being from a dysfunctional family home.

My mother and father seem to have approached our upbringing as far as religion is concerned with the idea that we’ll find out for ourselves what we are, no need to ram it down their throats. Not that they’re particularly religious anyway, although my Mum does tend not to like it when we take the Lord’s name in vain in her house.

I read the Bible as a kid, we had a lot of books and the Bible was just something else to read to pass the long, cold winter nights.

That was as close as I got to it. I never went to a Sunday school, never paid attention to any religious education classes, or any classes for that matter, so I pretty much grew up not know who the fuck this Christian God was.

But thanks to the internet and the likes of Eric Hovind, Joe Cienkowski, Ray Comfort and other pillocks geniuses, I now know why I’m not a Christian. It’s because I’m either :

  • Angry at God. Hmmm, how can I be angry at something I don’t think exists?
  • Rejecting orRebelling against God. I don’t know or have any concept of what “God” is, so how can I do either?

Well no actually. I know why I’m an atheist. I am an atheist because I’ve read the Bible. I read it several times as a kid and I have the app on my phone and try to get a couple verses in a day.

I am an atheist because there’s not one shred of contemporary evidence. I know fundies have problems with the word “contemporary”, so here’s a clue what it means.

I am an atheist for the same reason I continue to smoke. Ex-smokers are self-righteous fucks, and the fear I’d become one of them keeps me smoking. I truly do not want to be become like you people.

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