I really, really wanted Holland to win this one because when it comes to Dutch football, I’m a little bit sentimental about the World Cup in 1978.

Holland, 1978

Watching brilliant players like Rep, Krol, Haan, Neeskens, the van de Kerkhof brothers was, to a seven year old football fanatic like me, just fantastic, and their “total football” blew everyone out of the water.

Unfortunately time hasn’t been kind to Dutch football and their football looks dull compared to watching Germany play in these finals.

Martin de Jong assaults Xabi Alonso

Anyhoo, I had high expectations against Spain but it was just horrific to watch since the Dutch tactics seemed to involve kicking ten bells of shit out of the Spanish players! Total football eh? My Arse.

So despite my sentimentality for Holland, I’m glad the Spanish won and god that hurts to say.

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