I finally understand what people mean about Löwe drivers being a pain in the arse. And I’ve noticed it’s a trait shared for with other premium tanks that you have to pay for.

I’m guilty of this as well. I’ve paid for several premium tanks now, and it’s only now that I’m being thrown into games with tier 9 and 10 tanks with vastly more experienced players that I understand.

People sign up for World of Tanks and are greeted by a line of tier one tanks which are crap, but that’s for a very good reason. By working your way through the tiers one by one you get steadily better and slowly accustomed to playing with better players who are more experienced and driving more powerful tanks than you.

But then along comes Mr Berty Big Bollocks who doesn’t want to go down that route, oh no, the Leichttraktor is not big or sexy enough. So what do they do? They fork out for a bigger, better tank because they think that will make them a better player.

Sorry to piss on your Cornflakes, but no, it won’t.

There is a big difference between handling a Leichttraktor to a Löwe.

I learnt this lesson by jumping from tier 2 to a tier 5 Russian Valentine tank. I was so out of my depth So off I went to the lower tiers again, with my tail firmly between my legs to get more experience.

I do have a Dicker Max and SU 122-44 which I play most of the time now which are about one tier to high for me now, but I just love the tank destroyers too much now, though I still play many games in the Marder II.

I’m thrown into some games against tier 9, and thanks to XVM I can see the players stats when it’s loading, and seeing a Löwe driver with a 1,000 games next to his name makes me think that at least I might get one kill here 🙂

By mh

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