It’s been a long week, just seems to be have been a month long.

Doesn’t help working with a bunch of moronic halfwits and stroppy early-20’s type cretins.

This morning flew by since I was actually working for a change, adding new features to the web site. Then some temperamental ex-stoodent had a paddy attack when I dared point out that the bin was full of recyclable plastic. “Don’t put that crap on my desk” says junior followed by a overly dramatic storm out to fill his water bottle.

Just because the fucking agency hasn’t got back to him on time with a final, definitely final confirmation of his new job.

At the moment I can’t wait for the prick to leave. It’ll be a massive relief to have someone who doesn’t over think things through and isn’t anal in the extreme.

And that was after someone else went moody when discussion turned to the Christmas meal!

Thank fuck I’m me!

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