All this horsing around, people are missing the mane point

150619_10151349096319604_1127418854_nDid you see what I did with the title there? Oh I’m just funny.

Anyhoo, all this Tesco burger being 29% horse and the public reaction which seems to be bordering on the hysterical, or hilarious if you’re reading the jokes on Sickipedia, seems to be missing the point.

Why is it so offal, damn it, I mean awful to contemplate eating horse meat?

The funniest reaction I saw I believe was on the local news, and some one stated, and I’m more or less quoting it right, “eating horse would be like eating dogs, and dogs have personality.”

Hmm ok, logical fail there but I’m seeing the point your badly making. Pigs have personality, that doesn’t stop people eating them. Cows, pigs, sheep, kangaroos, puffins, actually virtually anything that moves we eat them no problem, but watching the Grand National and getting the munchies is a no-no.

I’ve got no answer, I’m just curious about it that’s all.

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One annoying twat of a girlfriend

Ebay is great for buying obscure things like old computers, memorabilia and er … girlfriends.

The following advert was on Ebay, for all of a few minutes. I don’t understand why, sounds like a genuine description to me.

One annoying twat of a girlfriend. WARNING GOODS ARE DEFECTIVE!!! Slightly overweight. Teeth are cold (they come with little yellow jackets). Boring as hell. More varied sexlife available from a bag of spuds. She will two tone any residence she is allow access to in samba and sickly yellow, symbolic of a effeminate mexican. Can’t/won’t/shouldn’t be allowed to cook (this may result in poisoning). Owner is forced to sell in order that he be able to gain access to the TV and stop the bitch watching poxy DIY programs despite not knowing which end of a paintbrush to hold. Buyer will collect and never ever return. Attempts at refunds or returns may result in actual bodily harm. Please please please bid now!!! Hopefully said girlfriend will make her own bloody way to buyer saving P&P.

The advert was placed in the “Everything Else: Household Appliances” section.